Trinity Baptist Church   2011

835 New Glendale Road  --  Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Phone:  270-769-1630

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To Hear one of God's Messages from the King James Version of the Bible.  (Right click on the blue underlined text and then select "Save Link As" to location of your choice.)

Message Speaker Date            Special Music Performed by
The Real Reason Pastor Eugene Owens 01- 01-2017 Born To Serve The Lord Patrick Owens
Putting On The Armor Pastor Eugene Owens 01-08-2017 He Hideth My Soul Instrumental 
The Girdle Of Truth Pastor Eugene Owens 01-15-2017 Between Here And Sunset Patrick Owens
The Breastplate Of Righteousness Pastor Eugene Owens 01-22-2017 This Man Jesus    Under the Blood Patrick Owens
01-29-2017 Its Gona Rain   Jacob Owens
So Shall Ye Reap Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 01-29-2017 What Jesus Did For Me Patrick Owens
Put On Your Best Shoes Pastor Eugene Owens 02-05-2017 Glory In My Soul Patrick Owens
Above All The Shield Pastor Eugene Owens 02-12-2017 The Sin Debt Was Paid Jacob Owens
Think Before You Act Pastor Eugene Owens 02-19-2017 Thank You Lord Jacob Owens
The Greatest Promise for Believers Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 02-26-2017 So Much To Thank Him For Patrick & Jacob Owens
The Sword Of The Spirit Pastor Eugene Owens 03-05-2017 Wonderful There  and  Crimson Red Patrick Owens
A Praying Church Pastor Eugene Owens 03-12-2017 Where Will You Be and At Calvary Patrick Owens
Christ's Standards Of Righteousness Pastor Eugene Owens 03-19-2017 Called Out and Precious Name of Jesus Patrick Owens
03-26-2017 On Shouting Ground Patrick and Jacob
Let Us Dedicate The Church Pastor Eugene Owens o3-26-2017 Never Been So Homesick Before Owens
Living Again Jacob Owens
It Is Not Idle Tales Pastor Eugene Owens 04-16-2017 Oh What A Savior Jacob Owens
Precious Memories Patrick Owens
How Do You Treat The King Pastor Eugene Owens 04-23-2017 Thank You Lord Patrick Owens
We Need To Know Our History Brother Lee Watts 04-30-2017 Jesus Is Lord Patrick Owens
The Risen Christ Makes The DIfference Pastor Eugene Owens 05-07-2017 Touring That City Patrick Owens
A Praying Mother Pastor Eugene Owens 05-14-2017 I Know A Man Who Can Patrick Owens
Except The Lord Build The House Pastor Eugene Owens 05-21-2017 We're Not Home Yet Patrick Owens
Do you Love Jesus Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 05-28-2017 Wonderful Book Devine Patrick Owens
Stand A Little Longer Brother Zac Howsare 06-04-2017 Jesus Has Spoken Patrick Owens
You Will Be What You Choose To Be Pastor Eugene Owens 06-11-2017 Because He Lives Patrick Owens
God, Give Us Men Pastor Eugene Owens 06-18-2017 God Saves Sinners Patrick Owens
Don't Act Like A Baby Pastor Eugene Owens 06-25-2017 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Instrumental 
Be Bold In Prayer Pastor Eugene Owens 07-02-2017 Alphabet and Lean On Me Kyle Family
Dimness Or Darkness Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 07-09-2017 Glory In My Soul Patrick Owens
Where Is Your Mission Field Missionary Patrick Wolke 07-23-2017 I'm On Shouting Ground Patrick Owens
Trustworthy Is He Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 07-30-2017 When I See The Blood Patrick Owens
The Promise Of Paradise Pastor Eugene Owens 08-06-2017 Bringing In The Sheaves Patrick Owens
Thirsting After Pastor Eugene Owens 08-13-2017 Living In Glory Land Jacob Owens
Mission Complete Pastor Eugene Owens 08-20-2017 The Lamb Of God Is Worthy Patrick Owens
Reconning Day Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 08-27-2017 The Best Is Yet To Come Patrick Owens
His Commitment Pastor Eugene Owens 09-03-2017 My Life Is Different Patrick Owens
Put On The Things Of Christ Pastor Eugene Owens 09-10-2017 Between Here And Sunset Patrick Owens
The Way Of Faith Pastor Eugene Owens 09-07-2017 I Want A Mansion Patrick Owens
A Terrible Message Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 09-24-2017 The Son Coming Up In The Morning Patrick Owens
We Are Ambassadors Pastor Eugene Owens 10-09-2017 The Land We Long For Jacob Owens
What A Mess Pastor Eugene Owens 10-15-2017 Victory Was Won At Calvary Patrick Owens
We Need Help Pastor Eugene Owens 10-22-2017 Saved To The Uttermost Patrick Owens
That Mountain Asst Pastor Eugene Owens 10-29-2017 I Am So Glad Jacob Owens
The Vows Of God Pastor Eugene Owens 11-12-2017 Called Out Patrick Owens
The Ways Of Thanksgiving Pastor Eugene Owens 11-19-2017 Forever To Praise The King Patrick Owens
Kicking At God Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 11-26-2017 First Million Years Jacob Owens
Tricks Of The Devil Pastor Eugene Owens 12-03-2017 His Unseen Hand Jon Kyle
Speak To Us Lord Pastor Eugene Owens 12-10-2017 God Will Take Care Of You Eugene Owens
What To Give Pastor Eugene Owens 12-17-2017 Wonder of Wonders Patrick Owens
Why Is Jesus Coming Again Pastor Eugene Owens 12-24-2017 Noel Noel Jacob Owens
Looking Back To See Forward Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 12-31-2017 This World Is Not My Home Any More Patrick Owens