Trinity Baptist Church   2011

835 New Glendale Road  --  Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Phone:  270-769-1630

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To Hear one of God's Messages from the King James Version of the Bible.  (Right click on the blue underlined text and then select "Save Link As" to location of your choice.)

Message Speaker Date            Special Music Performed by
The Fruit of The Spirit is Love Pastor Eugene Owens 01-03-2016 City by The Evergreen Shores Patrick Owens
The Fruit of The Spirit is Joy Pastor Eugene Owens 01-10-2016 In My Father's House Patrick Owens
The Fruit of The Spirit is Peace Pastor Eugene Ownes 01-17-2016 AM Under The Blood Patrick Owens
Elizabeth and Mary Needed Bro. Herbert Jackson 01-17-2016 PM He Leadeth Me Instrumental
The Fruit of The Spirit is Patience Pastor Eugene Owens 01-24-2016 Zion's Hill Patrick Owens
Don't Be Entangled Again Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 01-31-2016 Just In Time Patrick Owens
God is Kind Pastor Eugene Owens 02-07-2016 AM The Best Is Yet To Come Patrick Owens
Moses and Water Bro. Jeffery Hines 02-07-2016 PM Onward Christian Soldiers Instrumental
Do Good To All Men Pastor Eugene Owens 02-14-2016 Since Jesus Passed By Patrick Owens
The Fruit Of Faithfulness Pastor Eugene Ownes 02-21-2016 This Is Just Heavenly To Me Patrick Owens
Let God Touch You Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 02-28-2016 He Touched Me Patrick Owens
The Holy Spirit Of Meekness Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 03-06-2016 He Wrote My Name Patrick Owens
Don't Live Out Of Control Pastor Eugene Owens 03-13-2016 Can't Feel At Home In This World  Patrick Owens
Jesus' Love For You Pastor Eugene Owens 03-20-2016 Sin Debt He Paid Patrick Owens
What Reserrection Means To Me Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 03-27-2016 Living Again Patrick and Nathan Owens
The Reserrection Speaks Pastor Eugene Owens 04-03-2016 Too Much To Gain To Loose Patrick Owens
At The Cross Pastor Eugene Owens 04-10-2016 The Sun Coming Up In The Morning Patrick Owens
A Time To Die Pastor Eugene Owens 04-17-2016 Hand Reaching Out Patrick Owens
In The Mean Time Pastor Eugene Owens 05-01-2016 On The Winning Side Patrick Owens
Honor Your Mother Pastor Eugene Owens 05-08-2016 The Master Of The Sea Patrick Owens
Strong Family Church Country Pastor Eugene Owens 05-29-2016 Heaven Is Waiting For Me Patrick Owens
A Friend Of Jesus Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 06-05-2016 Special Music at the end provided by God's Little Voices
Trouble and Triumph In The Home Pastor Eugene Owens 06-12-2016 A Prepared Place Patrick Owens
An Awesome Father Son Relationship Pastor Eugene Owens 06-19-2016 Wonderful Book Devine Patrick Owens
His People Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 06-26-2016 Hill Called Calvary Patrick Owens
True Freedom Pastor Eugene Owens 07-03-2016 I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb Patrick Owens
A Christian Conscience Pastor Eugene Owens 07-10-2016 This Man Jesus Patrick Owens
Priesthood Of The Believers Pastor Eugene Owens 07-17-2016 We're Not Home Yet Patrick Owens
The Seed Within Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 07-24-2016 I Am At Piece Patrick Owens
Liberty To Choose Pastor Eugene Owens 07-31-2016 Where I Will Ever Abide Patrick Owens
Decipleship Equals Humility Pastor Eugene Owens 08-07-2016 Saved To The Uttermost Patrick Owens
A Caring Spirit Pastor Eugene Owens 08-14-2016 Thank You Lord Patrick Owens
Deciples Are Forgiving Pastor Eugene Owens 08-21-2016 Free From Sin Patrick Owens
Be A Good Neighbor Pastor Eugene Owens 08-28-2016 Bringing In The Sheaves Piano Special
Introduction To Giving Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 09-04-2016 Child Of The King Patrick Owens
The Call Of God To Samuel Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 09-11-2016 What Will You Say Patrick Owens
Discipleship Means Faithfulness Pastor Eugene Owens 09-18-2016 The Longer I Serve Him Patrick Owens
Stewardship Of Life Pastor Eugene Owens 09-25-2016 I Know A Man Who Can Patrick Owens
Thanksgiving Is Good Medicine Pastor Eugene Owens 10-09-2016 Master Of The Sea Patrick Owens
Try Him It Is Good Pastor Eugene Owens 10-16-2016 All That I Need Patrick Owens
Old Or New Nature Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 10-23-2016 Coming Home Patrick and Jacob 
The Answer To Anxiety Pastor Eugene Owens 10-30-2016 Oh Look Patrick Owens
Making Christians Pastor Eugene Owens 11-06-2016 His Grace Patrick Owens
Tithe To Spread The Gospel Pastor Eugene Owens 11-13-2016 The Son Is Coming Up In The Morning Patrick Owens
A Song Of Thanksgiving Pastor Eugene Owens 11-20-2016
God's Unspeakable Gift Asst Pastor Patrick Owens 11-27.2016 Since Jesus Passed By Patrick Owens
Joseph The Father Pastor Eugene Owens 12-04-2016 Wonder Of Wonders Patrick Owens
Mary The Mother Pastor Eugene Owens 12-11-2016 Noel Noel Patrick Owens
Jesus The Child Pastor Eugene Owens 12-18-2017 Allelujah Patrick Owens

Hark The Herald Angels Sing